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 Get out of the tired-wired  cycle for good. 

Does this sound like you?

business, career, family, kids, pets, parents, errands, chores, etc. take 120% of your energy, leaving you drained by 5pm.

loads of obligations and responsibilities means your self-care gets put on the back burner and your health is suffering because of it.

feeling like a giant stress-ball has you falling into old unhealthy habits.

take-out has become the norm (when you have time to eat at all), which makes you feel tired and gross.

the coffee pot and vending machine are the only things keeping you going through the day.

you know you need to make some changes but can't find the time or energy to actually do it.

It's easy to fall into the over-worked, over-stressed, and under-rested lifestyle where you're constantly running on fumes. And unfortunately, it's easy to deplete your body of the nutrients it needs to keep up with your on-the-go life.

If you can't slow your life down, then you have to give your body the nutrients it needs to keep up.


bouncing out of bed in the morning feeling rested and excited for your day.


enjoying your morning cup o' Joe because you like the ritual - NOT because you rely on that quick jolt of caffeine to wake up.


thinking clearly with focus and productivity that lasts all day (I mean it - no 3pm slumps that have you running to the coffee pot).


having energy for that after-work hike with your girlfriends or to chase your kids around the backyard.

Skeptical? I get it. Feeling tired and lethargic has been normalized in our hustle-obsessed culture. But it's not a life sentence.

The reality is, you'll be a more productive, efficient and creative leader when you get out of the tired-wired cycle, stop relying on caffeine and sugar for energy, and learn how to cultivate natural energy that lasts all day.

And it's not just about your skills and abilities as a leader. Imagine having the time and energy for YOU again. Putting yourself first. Taking care of yourself how you've been taking care of everyone else in your life for years. You deserve that.

I know you care about your health, but it's hard to get the momentum going in the right direction again. I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you to do just that. You'll learn exactly what your body needs to produce energy, and how to make quick, easy meals that keep you energized without spending all day in the kitchen or tons of mental energy planning what the heck to eat.

After implementing my systems, my clients find that they no longer feel lethargic, they begin sleeping through the night, their cravings start to subside, they feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, stressful events don't throw them off track, their bloating and digestive issues resolve, their skin glows, and so much more.

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"I had a wonderful experience working with Sarah. Previously, I had tried so many other options to help me achieve a healthy relationship with food, and nothing was as useful and supportive as her program. 


Sarah helped me think about nutrition holistically, for example, guiding me as I learned my stress triggers and hunger signals. Perhaps most importantly, she helped me figure out ways to nourish my body that worked for me, while never criticizing me when I struggled. In fact, she actively worked to counter internalized beliefs about myself that stemmed from my entry into diet culture (like the idea of “not being good enough” and “failure”).


Sarah truly understood that forming new habits is a process, and I found myself motivated to get through harder times by knowing that she would be just a text away if I needed her (for helpful tips or even encouragement to continue). 


By the end of the program, I had developed new healthier habits with food (ones that will last with me for the rest of my life) and I felt energized, happier, and kinder. Weight loss became just a bonus. I would completely recommend her program; it was absolutely worth the investment in time, money, and energy."

Alexandria R.
Austin, TX
Project Manager

Image by Felix Mittermeier


⚡️the 6-week energy fix⚡️

high-voltage energy

What would it mean for your business, family and life if you had high-voltage energy? Would you make more power moves in your business? Have more patience with your kids? Actually have a social life again? Stop feeling so frazzled and burnt out all the time?

This 6-week program is all about restoring your energy levels and learning how to maintain it so you're never dependent on external sources or stimulants again. You'll:

hyper-nourish your body on a cellular level for unstoppable energy.

systematize your nutrition to reduce decision fatigue and create ultra-nourishing meals quickly.

clear your mental and emotional clutter to create space for the things you really care about.

reprioritize your health so your body can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle for years (and decades!) to come.

be part of a supportive community that will cheer you on and hold you accountable to your greatness.

From running on fumes to

What others are saying..


Jillian S. 
Los Angeles, CA
Stationer + owner of Studio Soprano

"I'm now able to get through a whole hard day of work without having to go to the coffee pot 3 or 4 times for a fill up. I’m eating better than I ever have and I haven’t been spending more time or money in the grocery store. I feel so confident in the food that I’m buying and the meals that I’m making and that to me is absolutely priceless."


Alexis K.
Oakland, CA
Property Manager

"Sarah’s nutrition coaching is TOP-NOTCH! She gave me a plan that fit comfortably with my lifestyle and incorporated foods and supplements that would aid in my health gaps. I started seeing results after only one week!!"


Wendy H.
Bolton, MA
Owner of The Phineas Wright House

"While working with Sarah, my rosacea resolved, my bloating and other digestive annoyances went away, and I even discovered that eating soy triggers my migraines. I also lost weight, but by the end of the program I felt so good that the weight loss was just a nice bonus!"

Meet your nutrition coach

Sarah Knight

Hey there, I'm Sarah, holistic nutritionist and founder of Eat Like a CEO. Welcome to my virtual office!


I'm so passionate about teaching women how to increase their energy because I believe the world needs more women in positions of power and influence (and it's hard to lead when you're exhausted and hangry).

I know that when you put your health back on the radar, you'll have the energy and mental clarity you need to make power moves and break glass ceilings right and left!

I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you to up-level your health and feel better than ever. Let's go!


Jen R.
Houston, TX
IT Analyst

"A couple of years ago, I began my food journey of eating clean. I had success with my paleo-like diet but I was still craving something more. Working with Sarah gave me the insight and support I needed to ignite my metabolism and improve my cognitive wellbeing. I’m so glad I signed up!"

client - tina headshots - 50721.JPG.jpg

Dr. Tina Welsome 

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I've worked with many nutritionists in my career, but no one has made healthy eating feel as possible and enjoyable as Sarah does. I highly recommend her to you and will be sending my clients to her as well!"


Kristina B.
BC, Canada
Founder of The Spectacular Middle Virtual Entrepreneur Support Services

"I went to Sarah for nutritional support that would address my gallbladder triggers, and promote vitality. As a result, I was able to understand the cues my body was giving me, eliminate trigger foods and meal plan successfully; without overwhelm or the stress of perfection. Sarah’s guidance was intentional, but simple and gave me the tools I need for lasting nutritional health."


Q: I'm B U S Y and always on the go, will this program overwhelm me even more?
A: Like any investment in yourself, there will be planning and prep involved to set yourself up for success. But most women find that my methods eliminate guesswork and make it easy to throw together a nourishing meal quickly! It's my goal to make it easier for you to answer the question "what's for dinner" - not harder.

Q: My family loves to eat out, will I still be able to eat at restaurants on this program?
A: Yes! Flexibility is so important, and we don't do dogmatic diet rules here. You'll learn how to order at restaurants so that you feel energized after the meal - instead of feeling like you need a nap.

Q: Will I have to spend a million hours in the kitchen and dirty every pan I own?
A: Not if you don't want to! My methods include plenty of low- or no-cook meal options that can be thrown together in less than five minutes. With all that said, this is a fast-paced program designed to get you results quickly, which will require commitment from you.


Image by Felix Mittermeier

⚡️the 6-week energy fix⚡️

Orientation will be held on January 13th, and the program will run January 17th through February 25th. Boost your energy for the new year!


6-week group program

nutrition program to cultivate high-voltage energy without caffeine or sugar

weekly group calls

accountability to take action and show up for yourself

Investment: $397


*most popular*

6-week group program

nutrition guidelines to cultivate high-voltage energy without relying on caffeine or sugar

weekly group calls

accountability to take action and show up for yourself

curated supplement package designed to accelerate results* (over $300 value)

Investment: $647

*due to shipping restrictions this option is only available for US-based folks. If you're located outside of the US, please join the ESSENTIALS option. You'll still feel ah-mazing results!


*1:1 program*

90-day 1:1 program

bi-weekly 1:1 sessions with me

highly personalized program to address your unique health needs

unlimited Voxer access to build momentum fast

curated supplement package designed to accelerate results (over $300 value)

Investment: $2997